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Energies for August 2018

The big leap 
Either you are already in the middle of it, or he announces himself now as a hunch that simply cannot be pushed away or denied anymore.

The collective consciousness process is not always gradual, even if one step at a time was to be taken in long phases. Perseverance, patience and determination were often enough demanded. But if we want to reach the new level of consciousness, we have to make a big leap - a leap that will change everything! And we feel this great change. Some are nervous, can not sleep, others are irritated, because an uncertain fear is noticeable. It rubs and pulls on all hidden fears. That can be quite exhausting!

Some, however, have already made this leap!

They are the ones who can show the others the way. They show that there is a world behind this illusion of deception and fear. 
For them is the great freedom to feel, the deep inner arrival that is now gradually spreading in their physical and psychic bodies and providing a great deal of healing and redemption. For them it is now a matter of integration, of peace and of indulging in this final, inner recovery. You should allow yourself to become really completely free now, to arrive completely in the space of BE. They are the ones who are now expanding this space for themselves, and thus also for the collective. It is no longer difficult for them to stay there and hold this room, for they have recognized themselves. Those who recognize themselves can no longer manipulate the illusion. Peace and quiet flow out of him and people simply feel it. Even if many can react with defence, this illusion no longer has any real power.
This also makes it clear that your arrival can happen NOW. So you don't have to wait for some collective development. Therefore, always ask yourself first how long your process should/will continue.

For many, this great leap is now imminent 

and that's really scary for now. Maybe you can recognize him directly in front of you or feel an uncertain fear/insecurity? 
Your jump will always be prevented or delayed where you still cling to the old ideas and have not yet developed enough confidence that you will be carried even after you let go, i.e. after this jump. 
Many people also know instinctively that they would have to leave a lot behind them, which they would actually rather keep. Self-perceptions are particularly deceptive illusions. People cling to things because they expect a certain status, a certain prestige from them. Many people are incredibly anxious to think over and over again how others could find something in them, what they could say or how they could meet them. These people are not even aware that they completely lose themselves and instead let possible thoughts and ideas of others determine their lives. It is imperative to realize that all this is ONLY in your head. They are simply thoughts and projections, often enough fixed ideas. 
What other people actually have in mind is neither in your power, nor do you ever know for sure! Above all, you should be aware that life never does anything but send you exactly what you are secretly convinced of anyway. So if you have a (perhaps even hidden) fear that someone will encounter you in a certain way, then that's exactly what happens to you - at some point. So you are holding exactly those people around you, collecting them in your energy field that reflect and show you exactly that again and again. You may think this is "the truth about this world. You may be convinced that "people" are just like that. In fact, you probably don't even think that there are other people out there who don't think that way at all - or who don't even care what you're always worried about.
Therefore, those who direct their lives in this way - and this is one of the most momentous and damaging aspects of our society - always lose themselves. Because he lives upside down, so to speak. He believes the world determines its value because he allows it to do so. And because a certain result is sought in order to avoid another result at the same time, it remains a cue ball for external appearances.

If you too have such inner suspicions of letting go of something specific, then you must know that holding you will never make you happy. You will always be driven somehow, squeezed and in conflict with your soul, which always wanted something completely different. Do not try to reconcile your striving and wanting, your should or must with your soul - this will not work, because it is in contradiction. 
Whatever you may (still) hope for from a certain thing/person/situation, look very closely at the price you have to pay for your detention (and which you have been paying for so long). Are you still hoping for compassion, love, recognition, encouragement, something that must finally work out now? You won't get it now. You're looking for something that isn't there.
Are you really prepared to pay for your stay with one thing/person/situation with your freedom, your truthfulness, truth and above all with your inner peace? Or do you dare to allow yourself a life outside these limits - really, honestly, with all the consequences?

It's about you and finding your way back deep into your primeval nature, to that place beyond will, purpose, stress and necessity, of creating and getting. All these projections, the learned programmings want to be destroyed so that you become completely new. I invite you to observe your life and the current events from this point of view. 
As soon as this is allowed to happen, lost, given away soul parts finally return to your energy field. Then this time is so infinitely healing, enriching, redemptive and liberating. There's so much, so long missing stuff coming back inside of you. 
Your inner completeness is what you really miss. The will, desire and striving on the outside was merely a desperate attempt to somehow get a grip on your inner lack.
But now it is time that you can actually become complete again inside. And one day you will realize so clearly and clearly that all this was just an "excursion" into the idea of being a lacking being. Then there is only vastness, freedom, happiness and deep peace left and a whole new voyage of discovery can begin!

You should always focus on the place of your inner truth, your eternal being, get completely absorbed in it, so that you gradually remember more and more how it feels to be complete. It's about you remembering who you really are. You heal when you really accept your truth. 
Is it really easy for you - as it is for so many people - to admit that you are great, that you are a divine being who has radiance and power over his own energies? 
Can you admit that you are not who you used to be? Can you let your past go to make you become who you really are?

What if you really took the plunge and just let life show you what it actually intended for you? What if everything you've worked so hard for doesn't actually suit you as much as you thought?
You can find all this out, if you allow it, to simply restrict and limit the veil of the projections that catch you again and again.
NOW is the time for this veil to disintegrate and the ego structures to die!

Only by feeling and far from the interpretations of our minds can we recognize the path of our true being. Only there, in the less obvious and hidden do we find those forces that we need for our path. In case you can read German language - For this you can find important insights and support in my book: "Die Befreiung kraftvoller Weiblichkeit". 
Without rediscovering, recognizing and accepting our once lost, long pushed back primordial forces, it will be much more difficult for us to master this transition! 
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